Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Little Tiny Tot!

My little sweet, fireball Bella started Tiny Tots today!  Goodness, they grow up too fast  :(

She loved it and had lots of fun!  She totally made my day saying that I'm the best teacher ever, and that she likes homeschool better... ha, ha.  I know she had a great time and enjoyed making all the new little friends she made today.  I picked her up and we topped off the day letting her and brother play at the playground at the park.  Oh, to be little!  Eek!  I can't get over her sweet little face  :)



Holland said...

Glad to hear she did so well. She is a sweetie! I love her eye brows in this shot...looks like baby Dom ;0)
You went to the park today...CRAZY!It's way to hot.

Becky said...

I love her little face here, she couldn't wait to be at school on her own, just like a big girl. She keeps asking when she gets to go with Symph :)

As for the park, it was early, before 12, so it wasn't too unbearable. The slides weren't hot, but it was a bit muggy...yuck! It was fun to watch her play with her new friends ♥

White Gloves said...

Okay, someone find the pause buttone quick. These kids are growing up so fast. I am glad Bella had a good time with her new friends, and that she loves being homeschooled. Now do they make that cute backpack in grown up sizes? =)