Friday, September 24, 2010

A Little Incentive and I Love It!

The L.A. County Fair is here again, and the anticipation has been building with the girls.  I've been telling them for the past few months "the fair is coming girls!" and sweet little Bella asked me when it would be at our house.  I guess I should have been a bit more clear as to what I meant because she was bummed that it didn't make it's way to our house.  I suppose the Catholic Church, across the street from us, with it's carnival didn't help either because to her that was the fair on it's way to our house  :)

Well, we finally made our trip to the fair with a budget that wouldn't include rides, and how can you possibly take the kids to the fair without letting them go on rides?  We all know that rides can be well over $50, and I wasn't about to splurge on rides.  I quickly searched for deals online and ran across the promotions on the LA County Fair website, and I was so excited not only to find admission coupons for $5, but the Read to Ride program.  The requirements are different for each grade level, and both Symphony and Bella's requirements were the same.  They both had to read a book, draw a picture, and then write a caption (and the books could have been read throughout the Summer!).  For every two books read and reports turned in, they were given 2 ride vouchers...RIDE vouchers, not just tickets four rides!  Each ride takes at least four tickets which can quickly add up!  There was a max of 6 books/9 ride vouchers, and they each maxed it out!

Friday was spent drawing, writing, and coloring so that the girls could have fun that night and enjoy the rides!  I found it quite funny to watch Bella and her competitiveness overtake her as she tried to "one up" her sister in getting it done faster, ha ha!

They had a blast, and what was so cool to me was that they earned their rides  ♥

Here's a picture of all their hard work (you can click on the pictures to see them a little closer)  :)


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White Gloves said...

What an important lesson! Hard work pays off and it's important to set goals and reap the rewards of accomplishing them! Yay!! It is so sweet that Bella thought they were coming to her house! That would be pretty messy, with the animals and the food everywhere. =)