Monday, January 18, 2010

This past weekend was one of lots of manual labor for Dom, my brother, and my dad (thank you guys so much!). Instead of taking our car in to have the clutch replaced, the guys worked it out (working all day and night Saturday and Sunday) and saved us a good $2000. Again...THANK YOU SO MUCH!

My mom happened to come over in hopes of attending a birthday party for my cousin's daughter, but obviously after two days of hard work, all the guys were beat and needed some rest. My mom and dad ended up hanging out at our house pretty mom looked at family photos on the computer, and ,my dad took in several zzzzzs with Bella cuddled up to him on the couch (darn, I wish I had a picture of it!). My mom finished her picture viewing when Symph requested that Nana would go and sit with her and watch tv in her room, and Nana did. I knocked out on the recliner next to my dad and Bella, and next thing I knew, they were leaving and it was after 11:30! Symph asked if she could spend the night at Nana's and I said yes, while she quickly packed her backpack to go. Actually I think it was the other way around, she was ready to go!

I woke up this morning to a not so happy Bella because she was left behind. I had to explain that she was asleep and that we didn't want her to be scared waking up at Nana's house in the middle of the night and so on. I told her it would be a day for us to hang out, and we had a fun time! I sat and watched one of her favorite tv shows with her as she giggled and told me about each character. We had a perfect little bonding time today and I am thankful for it. We had little conversations while we colored, and lots of cuddling and giggling (brother decided to take an extra long nap today!).

In the middle of the day, I talked to Symph on the phone and told her I loved her and missed her, and when I got off the phone Bella asked about her sister. I told her she was fine and having a great time with Nana and Grampo, when she turned and said "I don't want Symph to come home, can it just be you and me and she can live with Nana"? Oh my goodness, this little girl is too much, but today was exactly what she needed. She needed to be loved on, cuddled with, and spoken to all alone with her mama. Oh, how I love my Bellie and times alone with her!

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