Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Craft Hope for Haiti

I happened to skim by this a few days ago and didn't spend much time reading it through, but then stumbled across it again on one of my favorite blogs today. Craft Hope has opened a shop to help out those in need in Haiti. All proceeds from sales go to Doctors Without Borders, and BellaSymphony has some items up in that shop. IF you are wanting to purchase anything from my shop, PLEASE go by Craft Hope first and see if it's listed there first, if it is, please purchase it there instead of purchasing it from my shop.

Since Friday, when the shop opened, Craft Hope for Haiti has raised over $10,000!

I can't imagine the devastation, the sadness and grief, or the fears the Haitian people are facing. Please help them if you can.

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ugly betty said...

my heart bleeds for Haiti