Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bella Grace Aguiar

My baby is turning three today and I am ovewhelmed with the love I have for her.  My parents pastor reminded us of how children were one of God's ways to show us innocence and goodness, and Bella is a sweet reminder of this to me. 

Bella is one of the sweetest and kindhearted little kids I have ever come into contact with.  She's willing to share the best of what she's got with others. She's the perfect little mama, and encourages those that are younger and even those that are older than her.  She is full of sweet kisses and hugs to give, yet she is feisty and sassy and will stand her ground (even if it involves stories about snakes knocking on her door with shoes on!).  Without fail, she falls asleep with a sweet smile on her face. Bella has a huge desire to learn, to be like her sister and be able to read.  She cries if school is started without her and has a pen and her books ready to start school each morning.  She is a total mommy to her brother, and is on top of his every need and then some.  She is smart, a joker, reserved, friendly, helpful, loving, inquisitive, testy, and my baby girl.

My baby girl has a heart of gold and it is with her unconditional love that I am constantly reminded of innocence and goodness,  and God's beautiful grace.

Happy Birthday Bella Grace!  Thank you for the huge blessing you are to us, and the sunshine that you bring to our lives each day that we see your sweet smile!

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mrs.deane said...

Happy birthday, baby girl!

I hope you all have a lovely day celebrating God's wonderful gift of Bella to your family :O)

Love, Susan