Friday, February 27, 2009

How Terrible Do I Feel?

Each day as we sit down to read, Symph is instantly in a terrible mood.  Why?  Hmm...maybe because I'm impatient and too often forget that she is simply 5 years old and I have much higher expectations than I should, and did I mention impatient (oh, yes I did!).

So, we took her to the doctors around the end of January and she had her little 4 year exam, and her vision wasn't quite up to par on one of her little eyes.  She was seeing 20/20 with one, and 20/40 with the other, so the doctor suggested we take her to a specialist, and so we did.

Her little eye sight isn't so great for reading...see why I feel terrible?  Here I am being impatient and having high expectations.  I'm irritated and telling her "no, that letter isn't an "f", it's a "t", come on Symph!"  and again "an "I" has a dot and "L" is a straight line, why do I have to keep telling you this?"  man, I feel bad just writing this and my poor little one was really struggling!

So, today was the day that her Papa surprised her with the new little glasses she picked out.  I think she is absolutely adorable in them and she is just ecstatic about them.   She didn't want to take them off for the longest time!

A little side note...I looked through the lenses and there is quite a difference for her vision with these on.  What a bad mama!  I'm glad they are so forgiving at this age.  Please pray that God would give me so much more patience than I have, because it seems like I have so little.

Dom's little mini me!


foldreformer said...

I love them! So cute!

mrs.deane said...

Don't be too hard on yourself, Becky! (Though I understand what you mean) These things are hard to pick up on sometimes. Just be thankful that things are now "fixed" and hopefully the fs and the ls and all of that will be smoothly read by Dom's mini Me. How sweet she looks in those glasses!

Jessikah said...

I too think she looks GREAT with them!! :) and I love the cheeto fingers ;)

Ken Mumper said...

I love the pictures!!