Thursday, February 26, 2009


S:  Mom, did Papa give you and sister kisses goodbye?
B: No, he's still getting ready

In comes Dom to say goodbye

D: Symph, I want you to be a good girl and help out your mama with brother and the house.
S: I can't help with brother.  I can't hold him, I can't rock him, I can't give him chi-chi, she does all that.  
D:  No, I mean with the little things.
S: What I really want to do is sweep, mop, do the dishes...

I had to just giggle to myself at their little conversation, I'm sure Dom was doing the same.


mrs.deane said...

I loved the chi-chi part. LOVED.

Becky said...

aren't little ones just the sweetest and silliest in their ways of thinking?