Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Walking Miracle Alright

Last Thursday we had a surprise night planned for Symph and her cousin Isaiah.  Jess had called and asked if we wanted to go to John's Incredible Pizza to celebrate the birthdays of these little kiddos, and we were in!  Who could resist the fun to be had?  I rarely tell my little ones about plans we have until the day of the event, or until we are on our way.  

So our time to meet up was at 7PM and so it was time to get the girls bathed and all that fun stuff.  As they were washing up, I told them we were going to a surprise with their Tios, and that we were going to have a really fun night.   At 4PM I sat here brushing Symph's hair when the phone rang with Jess on the line.  She told me we had to reschedule our plans (oh great was my first thought, I already built up the kids excitement), so I questioned why  and if everything was okay since her voice was so shaky.  The news was not good news, I thought I might deliver on the spot!

Apparently my brother fell off his motorcycle on the freeway and was in need of her to take him to the hospital...why use the ambulance, right?  I think it was a bit of shock going through his body, but like a loving wife she went and picked him up from the side of the freeway to take him to the hospital.  Thank God that my brother was surrounded by angels and protected beyond what we could even imagine.  His bike came out from under him while he was riding at 60-65 mph and he walked away with only bruising and road rash, nothing a little Vicadin can't kill.  

The fireman told my brother he was a walking miracle, and we could not agree more.  Like one of his acquaintances told him, "good thing your homeboy Jesus was watching out for you."   

The girls say that tio is no longer allowed to ride his motorcycle, so let's see how long we can persuade him to stay off of it.  For now it seems like his road rash would keep him away a bit.  I will post pictures of all his protective gear that took all the beating for him, once I get them from him.


Alessandra said...

oh my gosh! i'm so so glad that he's okay!! the Big Guy upstairs knows he needs to meet his new nephew soon!! ugh, motorcycles are so dangerous!!

Becky said...

Thank you! This is true, not only is he going to be his uncle, but he's his godfather too! I didn't even think about that! :)