Friday, November 14, 2008

Only 24 More Days?

Oh my, the panic is setting in as reality is starting to hit that I will be having my son very soon! My body is beyond ready to birth this little one, and he has been the hardest on me of all my pregnancies (as if I've had so many...a total of three!).  My back is wasted and I can only hope that it's because I'm ready and that he's not flipped around the wrong way like Bella was, giving me back labor pain that made it's way through the epidural.

I am in constant worry that I won't get to the hospital in time and the hubby finds it somewhat comical.  I don't think he would had he gone through the labor pains that I have.  Bella's labor started and within an hour I was at the hospital and dilated to a 6, mind you that there's no epidural given after a 7.  This is my fear, that I will feel the pain because I wasn't able to get there in time to have an epidural.

As I just ramble on for my own sake, I am very excited to the new world of having a boy will bring.  I see some boys that are just amazingly like my girls who have been so much joy without emergency room trips or a torn up house, and then there are the others who are just bouncing off the walls non-stop.  Oh Lord please give me patience I'll if you give me a boy that bounces off the walls because You know I will more than need it!

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