Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Here's to 5

I cannot even believe that this day has come so quickly and am rather sad, but so very blessed and grateful!  My beautiful Symphony is the big 5 year old today and I can only wonder where time has gone to.

I remember the day we found out we were pregnant and how so very excited we were that we had to tell our parents at that instant.  We invited them over for dessert and gave them a gift to open after showing them a positive pee sweet of us to share that unnecessary positive, huh? 

We have been blessed with so much joy, love, laughter, and being able to at times see through the eyes of a child through this little girl, who is blooming more and more each day.  Lately she has just been overflowing with personality doing her funny little dances out of no where, and cracking jokes that she makes up and are so funny to her.  She is so very excited about being a "big 5 year old" yet makes it very clear that she will never move out,  she has pinky promised this to me over and over. Her little mind is overflowing with questions that she wants real answers to and lately she has been bothered by the issue of death.  She is questioning so much and it just makes us see how very smart she is and how often it is overlooked because she is our baby who is growing up way too quickly.

We have been blessed to have been entrusted with her little life, and to have such a beautiful little girl not only on the outside, but on the inside too. She has a heart of gold and is so very special to us. 

Happy 5th Birthday my Symphony!

We are having a very small surprise birthday party for her on Friday for our immediate family and I thought that surprising her with decorations when she came downstairs in the morning would be fun for her, not to mention that it would make it one less thing to do on Friday.  

She was asleep on the couch and I turned off all the lights and I guess she decided it was time to come upstairs, so I was keeping her from going back down to keep the surprise.  Well, apparently she told Dom that she already saw all the decorations but that she would act surprised in the morning!  Where in the world does a little one learn about pretending to be surprised?  

She really wanted an Alice in Wonderland party, which is a whole other story, so we ran across this pretty cool stuff from a really cool blog!  We made roses and "painted the roses red" and made lots of mushrooms!  I have just a few more items to cross off my list to make it a fun little surprise birthday party for her!


Marisa said...

It looks great Beck! Happy Birthday too you Symph! We love you so very much.

Alessandra said...

omg you have the cutest kids!!!! i can't wait to see that baby boy of yours!! happy birthday symphony!!!! :)