Saturday, June 21, 2008


Both Dom and I found out something quite interesting on Saturday while we out celebrating his sister's birthday. I sat and talked with his parents about how Dom and I can't come to an agreement on a boy name because Dom wants a certain name, and I want to name the baby after his papa. Dom's dad agreed telling me that it was too many Dominique's, and I asked him if he preferred Dominique, or the name that Dom is insistent on naming him. Dom's dad agreed that Dominique was the better choice, and I agreed too! As we talked, I learned that Dom is named after his dad, not that we didn't know that, but we thought it was a name similar to his dad's and thus he was named after him. I got a quick lesson on my hubby's name. Dominique is the English pronunciation of Domingos, his father's name. I quickly went to Dom to let him know that we had to name the baby Dominique, it would be three generations to carry on the name. We'll see if I get to name him Dominique, I will stand my ground, but I do think I have even greater reason to give him the name that I've been suggesting!

I'm glad that both Dom and I were given this interesting fact!

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Anonymous said...

In Dan's family, the boys were given their father's name as their middle name. This was the tradition for many generations. So, Dan is Daniel John and his brother is David John. Dan continued this tradition with his own children, his son Nicholas Daniel and his daughter,who is in heaven, is Natalie Danielle. I am sure you and Dom will come to a compromise before December 8th! =)

Of course, your loyal blog readers could flood you with their favorite boy names...if we haven't already. =)

Tia Susie