Saturday, June 21, 2008

And so it starts!

Saturday we celebrated Tia Susie's birthday at the park. It was quite warm, but the girls had fun cooling down with water guns, water balloons, and Cool Neck Bands. They had hours of fun while playing with their papa, family and friends. I on the other hand had a relaxing time as I got to sit and chat a bit.
As we soon came to notice, there wasn't a single bathroom at this park...what? How do you plan a park that has children's play areas without a bathroom? Once I realized this I started to panic, knowing that Symph has no time to waste when she needs to go. She tells us at the last minute, which meant we would need a place fast. Well, we didn't have to wait for Symph, because I think I drank enough water for our whole family to stay hydrated that day, and the baby doesn't make it much easier. So, we said our quick goodbyes and we were off to Von's. Ahh, relief for the whole family, thank goodness we left at that moment, because there would have been problems! :)

Dom then wanted to show me some homes that he had been eyeing color schemes on, as well as some different styles fascia that he wants to add to our home. I was somewhat reluctant, not because I didn't want to see it, but I felt like I was melting! We drove and saw them, and marveled at the loveliness of those Claremont homes, and then he wanted to go show me a park full of trees. For some reason he loves this park filled with trees,, and I guess he wasn't excited that I was ecstatic about it. It was just a park to me, not really that special, maybe because I was thinking of something much prettier. Who knows, I could have still been melting! Ha!

As we drove off, Dom showed us a small whole in the wall pizza place and I said it was Warehouse Pizza, not knowing where we were of if that was it, since I've never been there or seen it. I've only experienced there awesomeness in pizza at lunch meetings when I was working. He said he thought it was, so I asked the girls if they would like pizza and there response was quick with a "Yes!". We turned around and we were off to have pizza together. As we parked I happened to notice this boutique I have been wanting to stop by, and so we did.

My hubby was in love with everything and of course I was too. I was even more excited to see that there was a very large canvas of my tutu and hair candy taken by and awesome photographer, Rochelle Ax. We chatted with the owner a bit and of course couldn't leave without our first purchase for our little guy! We have always said that if we had a little boy we would buy this for him, and so, here it is...
And so here are his first coveralls to help papa out as they work on cars together. I made a little adjustment that I think suites him better! Papa has a little man of his own on the way...


Susan said...

to die for! i love it!

you are going to love having a little boy.

i'd say that nothing beats it in the world, but now that i have a little girl, too... it's a tough call ;O)

Rubyellen said...

that is too darn cute!!! i love claremont! i told ben the only way i would move is if he bought me a house there!