Thursday, April 10, 2008

Tremors and aftershocks, bruises, bumps and a bit of blood

Dom had school...boring, just kidding!

The girls and I had a fun night with my parents as we watched a Quakes Baseball game and heard my sister sing God Bless America. Symph tore it up with her dancing while copying both Tremor and Aftershock . Some of the dancing was, uh, not so friendly, why would these mascots pretend to do a strip tease? Anyways, I thought we finally rid her of that type of dancing a couple of years ago. :)

While playing around and dancing Symph made her own little "tremor" as she slipped on peanut shells and hit the ground so hard that we felt it in our chairs. Poor baby, she didn't have scratches, but a nice little egg on her kneecap and a few other instant bruises. She sucked it up and shook it off, and the fun times went on. When it was time to go, Grandpo walked us out to our car and both my dad and the girls played a little game of tag. And the"aftershock" came when Symph ate it again! I saw it in slow motion, and knew it wouldn't be pretty. She fell with her momentum taking her forwardon a slight slope, where she landed with her hands under her chest and unable to guard her little face! I saw it happen, thinking please don't let it happen. She slowly went forward and hit her mouth, teeth, and nose! Ouch! She now has a busted lip, scratches on her upper lip, a swollen little nose, many bruises and small scratches, and a little ego that she doesn't want bruised. She pleaded with me not to tell anyone because she though they would laugh at her. Oh, my sweet little girl!


Cakies said...

oh no! i could feel the pain as i read this... poor symphony!

Anonymous said...

Oh, no! What a rough night for Symph. Poor baby...I hope she makes a speedy recovery. Ice-cream is usually a good medicine for times like these.

Tia Susie