Thursday, April 10, 2008

Growing up!

So, Dom and I have had this struggle for almost five years now....getting Symph out of our bed! We now have our newest edition, Bella, who finally figured out that sister gets to sleep with us, so why can't she. Needless to say, a king size bed with four bodies in it just isn't as comfortable as the sales people made it out to be when it was just Dom and myself. Uh, ya, maybe because it's not meant for four!

Well, we have had some really fun conversation with Symph this past week and I told her about having a tent. She is intrigued with camping right now, and I thought of a great deal, kids love deals! I told her that if she slept on the floor the whole entire night without coming into my bed, I would buy her a tent to sleep in, not just any tent, but a princess one! Let me just say that we have tried for a year, on and off...not consistently, to get her to sleep in her room, and Dom always caves in to let her sleep with us. He can't handle her being sad or scared at night alone.

So on with the deal. She slept the whole night through and didn't come to my bed once! I did feel bad as it took her a good two hours of excuses, and what not to fall asleep. The next day I told her how very proud of her I was and that we had a tent to go shopping for. Here it is in all it's glory, well to a little one it is glorious to have a princess tent and a princess flashlight for the campout! She slept on the floor, in her tent, in our room without coming to my bed! Now we need to work on Bella, but this is quite an accomplishment for the Aguiars!

We'll be doing the bunk beds soon, I can feel it!

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Hollands said...

My girls slept in a princess tent for months. Kids don't care about beds....if it kept them out of mine...I was all for it!