Friday, April 11, 2008

A picture for Grandpo and Nana

So once I get a picture of this picture, I will definitely post it!

I asked Symphony to draw a picture for Grandpo and Nana about our big secret.
I do have to go a tangent, so please bear with me. We had some regrets that we told Symphony about the news so quickly. How does a child so little that has been praying for so long keep a secret about her answered prayer? We had to explain that she couldn't say anything about this so that it wouldn't hurt any one's feelings because they didn't know. Our plan was the usual one of telling the grandparents first and then the Tio's and Tia's. Although I slipped, in necessity, to Marisa who was there when I bought the test, and the one who would watch the girls for me as I went to the doctor. I knew the secret was safe with her, but I wasn't too sure with Symph.

On Monday we were folding clothes and talking about the baby. She continued to say "my baby brother" and we were trying to explain that we couldn't choose what we were having, but that we needed to be grateful with what God blessed us with. In the midst of this conversation my cell phone was ringing toa recirding of Symph's little voice repeating "Jessica, Jessica, Jessica, Jessica." Dom and I immediately looked at each other and told Symphony as she raced to the phone, "don't tell the secret." Of course, Jess asked what she was doing and she replied "folding clothes, and talking about my baby brother, or it could be a sister, because we really don't know right now." I heard Jess immediately say "let me talk to your mama." Great! Jess asked if I was pregnant and I lied and said "no, we were talking to her about having a baby in the future." I'm a liar yes, but it was because we didn't want anyone else to know yet since the parental figures hadn't been informed.

The next day, Jess came over since Mike and Dom were out to watch a Clipper's game, and Symphony was in the bathroom. Jess and I were talking about this crazy smell that I have been smelling well before I got pregnant. I was asking her if my air fresheners were really strong and she said they weren't. She asked if I was sure I wasn't pregnant, and at the tail end of that question Symph came out of the bathroom to the table where we were with her eyes opened so huge! She said "you told her the secret? You told her you're pregnant?" Well, there was no hiding it at that point! I was made out to be a liar!

Symph drew this picture of me in the hospital with a blanket over my tummy which held baby Aguiar inside. Next to me was Papa holding balloons in one hand and Bella in the other, while Symph was standing next to me in the bed. She gave Grandpo and Nana the picture after the Circus in hopes of them figuring it out. No such luck, neither one of them had their glasses, and they both thought that it was a picture of them. I called Symphony over and told her to explain the picture. She did with glee and joy, and my parents where laughing inside knowing how badly she wanted a baby brother. Once she made it clear to them that there was going to be and addition to the Aguiar family, lots of hugs, kisses, and congratulations were showered our way. That was a fun way to end the circus!

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Susan said...

Well, live and learn, right? Or, blog about it and let others learn by your example!

When you have your fourth (and I hope you will, but no pressure!), you can just keep it a secret between Dom and yourself for a little while. There is something fun and special about that, anyway. :O)