Friday, April 11, 2008

The circus is in town!

My parents blessed our family with a night at the circus. This was a first for Symphony, Bella, and thier Papa. I had no idea Dom hadn't been to the circus before!
Our night started off with face painting, which the girls loved. The night was filled with cotton candy, snow cones, popcorn, pictures with the beautiful horse they had, and lots of fun entertainment! Bella was even my brave one again to pet the snake, and Symph was taking it all in as she sat all by herself to concentrate on all that was going on. I think the best part for Bella was the motorcyles in the sphere, as she shouted and rooted with her arm "go,go,go!"
We ended the night with the girls taking a ride on the horse after taking a final picture with him.. Thank you Tia Kryten for getting on and off him so many times just so we could have a horsey ride!
Thanks to Grandpo and Nana for a very fun night and lots of memories!


Susan said...

I LOVE Symphony's face in the family photo at the end! Priceless! And Bella looks so sweet with her mommy and daddy :O)

I would love to take my kids to the circus. How exciting!

Great post. Adorable pictures.

Love, Susan

Hollands said...

Love the family pic at the bottom! The noses.....too cute!