Saturday, April 19, 2008

Our New Library!

The girls and I have been frequenting the library on Fridays not only to get out of the house, but to get them into reading. We see our books at home over and over, so new ones that can be returned are fun!

Our last visit to the library would be the last for quite some time, as they were going to close down that location and have a grand opening of the new library in Fontana. We went and were so excited to take the girls, but I wasn't to excited once we got there and noticed the size of the line. We waited for half an hour with no movement, and the surrounding crowd just continued to grow. We decided to get out of line and leave, until Symph had a crying fit about how she wanted to go in. We then decided we would wait and just hung out and took a look around the grounds. So we let the girls play with the water fountains, took pictures of them next to small trees to document their age and height, the girls rolled down the hill over and over, played at the playground, and we even toured the newest fitness center across from the library. After about 2 hours we headed to the line and got in! They had a small scavenger hunt for the kids, so Symph found everything that led to her treasure and we were off and headed home. We now need to go back and take it all in without the huge crowd! From what we saw, it is an amazing library with so very much to offer the community.

Here are some pictures form our day!

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Hollands said...

Wow! I can't believe that many people showed up for a library opening.