Friday, April 18, 2008


Tio and Tia always have time to squeeze in time for their nieces with their hectic schedules. Earlier in the week Jess asked me if they could take Symph to the "Magical" place on Friday, and of course I said yes. I wish I had a pass, but where would I find the time to go? All week Symph couldn't wait to go. We always change the name of Disneyland so that it is a complete surprise for her. Well, this time Bella got to go too. Her little face was all lit up as she said goodbye to me. You see, sister always got to go, while Bella stayed home and asked about the whereabouts of Symphony for the night, but today was different and Bella was very aware of it!

Thank you both for taking my girls to a "magical" place with so many fun memories with their tio and tia! Thank you for the new Princess autograph book and fluffy pen for Symph, and the light up toy for Bella. I think my girls are a bit spoiled by you, and absolutely love that they are.

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