Monday, April 28, 2008

Monday Sweet Monday!

Symph was picked up earlier than she had expected to be picked up by her tio and tia. She already knew the plan for the evening, but it was early afternoon and they were ready to go! A quick stop to Target and a tank top and shorts for the heat, and they were off to Disneyland. She had lots of fun with her tios and cousin Isaiah, and even told me about a contest she won with him in chugging water out of the water bottle.

She came home spoiled as usual from them, with yet another Disney stuffed animal to add to her collection. She got a Minnie Mouse and she said her cousin Iya got Mickey Mouse. Her tios were even considerate as always and brought home a huge lollipop for Bella.

Symphony was finished for the night and ended it with a nice little bath with her sister.

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