Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Every single time I go to drop the girls off at their vovo and vovu's house, the same little routine is in place. It is just so sweet and cute to me how the girls do it every time, and how their grandparents without fail play along. As soon as they get out of the car they head straight over to the side of their house and sit on the little planter and signal to me that I can ring the doorbell. In the meantime, their grandparents are watching through the window, something that the girls have no clue of, and are waiting to make sure the girls are finished hiding. Vovu typically opens the door and always asks "no girls' today" with his loving Portuguese accent, and I always reply "no, they stayed home today." Their grandfather will then go pretend to look for them and usually they are just too full of anticipation to wait it out and end up jumping out of their hiding place in hopes of scaring him.

It's sweet little memories like these that are just so precious to me!

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kennedy & friends said...

ohh how sweet! my little girl is learning portuguese and italian. i use both when speaking to her. it is so funny because she has decided that vovo is our dog's name (our dog's name is Sonya.) i don't know if she does this because she recalls my mom's dogs or what. it makes me laugh everytime i hear her saying that. it is too cute!