Sunday, April 13, 2008


So I will probably be posting a lot of these little blogs as we go through this pregnancy because Symphony is just way too cute!

She was so excited when we told her that I had a baby in my tummy! You see, she has only been praying for a baby brother for close to a year now, and well, God answered her prayer, we're just not sure that it's a boy. She said that she will be "grateful" even if it's a girl, what a sweetheart!

It was after midnight when I found out we were going to be adding to our family. Dom had to be up in a few hours for work, but Symphony's little head was turning with lots of questions, and sleeping wasn't going to answer them!

1. Could I hold the baby all by myself in the hospital when the baby is born? The answer was yes, and she wanted to make sure that we would let her grandparents know that she had permission to do it "alone."

2. Are you going to have to have shots? Yes, mama will have to have shots, but it's to protect mama and the baby. She didn't like the yes part, but was bit at ease when she found out it protects mama and the baby.

3. Can we sleep with him? No, when "he" gets older you can. Here came the best opportunity for me! I told her that she needed to sleep in her own bed or on the floor so that her and sister didn't kick mama's tummy and accidentally hurt the baby. Thus, the princess tent!

I know there are many questions to come and so many more little memories of her enjoying and understanding what is actually going on. I will be posting them frequently as she continues to talk, sing, and pray for her "little munshikin (munchkin)"

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