Friday, March 28, 2008

Playdates are so much fun!

It was our turn to go towards where True and Brave live to enjoy a playdate. Thanks to Marisa and Isaac, we were chauffeured to the Bratcher's home. We got to take a tour through their lovely house, and the girls would probably have been content had we stayed there, but it was a beautiful day and the park was waiting. We took a nice little walk to the park, and all the little ones enjoyed the sunshine and company of each other. It's probably more fun for us mommies to have playdates than our kids!
Bella looks like she's hugging Isaac, but she's really just being bossy!Check out Brave sucking on her toes, this was too cute!Bella being her bossy self again, probably trying hush Brave...sorry Ruby!

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Cakies said...

i like playdates too! when is the next?!!