Friday, March 28, 2008

Cafe piccolo and the gondola getaway

Thanks to my parents, we had a very nice little night out along with my brother and Jess. My parents gave us gift certificates (for Christmas 2005) to this awesome little restaurant and yes, a gondola cruise.

The Cafe Piccolo was by far the best restaurant I have been to, not only for the price of the food (although it was free!) and their amazing appetizers and dishes, but for the excellent service.

The gondola ride was fun, but the tradition of kissing under the bridge was a bit much to me. Not only was I supposed to kiss in front of my brother, but also in front of the man rowing our gondola. That was a bit weird! Aside from this, we were laughed to some sarcasm and entertainment. We were serenaded with three songs, enjoyed a star lit sky, and the red tide that allowed us to see aqua hues in the water each time the paddle came back up. It was the ending to a perfect night!

Dom and I have come to an agreement that this is how our anniversaries will be spent.

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Cakies said...

I gotta get Ben to try that place out... it sounds fun and yummy!