Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ten on Tuesday...

1.    I have projects like crazy that I seriously need to get working on...

2.    My nephews arrival is getting closer and closer .cannot.wait.

3.    With my nephews arrival I get a new model to practice my camera on  .eek!.

4.    God has blessed us in an amazing way and we are so overwhelmed with God's faithfulness,   
       provision, goodness, and unending love that He continually pours out into our lives.  We have been   
       blessed abundantly and we know it's only because of Him! 

5.    I'm failing at potty training my son...I haven't even tried, even after I bought a potty training chair for   
       him VERY late one evening due to the disgust of his diapers!  I need some discipline!
6.    The girls will be starting gymnastics next week, and I don't know who's more excited....me or them   

7.    My DBA is due this week....I can't believe that BellaSymphony has been in business for 5 years!   
       God has blessed us with this little business and provided so much for us through it.  I thank God for 
       His wisdom and direction in guiding me through it all.  I am well aware that we have done great   
       only because of Him.

8.    I want color in my home!  Blah beige isn't cutting it for me anymore!  Do I dare say I want to go   
       back to white walls?  They're so much more cheerful and I can bring so many colors in!

9.    My kids say some of the funniest things.  I really nee to have a day to share their funnies on this little  
       blog here  :)

10.  Summer is almost here, I can feel it (or I'm wishing I could!).  I need some time for reorganizing, lots   
       of purging...*LOTS*, and time for fun.

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Holland said...

#8- I love color too.
Here are some of my favorite blogs to steel home decorating ideas from. They both use color and thriftyness.

and (they both have tour buttons)


Sadly, the second women lost her home to a fire in December but she still has all the great shots of her home on her blog.