Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

(I have to say that I love reading my friend Susie's Ten on Tuesday, so I ran with her fun post idea!)

1. On one of my many daily walks up the stairs, I discovered some "graffiti" on many of the tiny wall spaces up the stairs.  Apparently writing "I love you mama and papa" with several hearts doesn't mean the same on paper to a seven year old...yes, a SEVEN YEAR OLD!

2. I guess the sudden interest with Banksy has become quite and influence on the above mentioned 7 year old.  I just found a drawing of hers with Banksy spray painting on a house.

3.  My son, once again threw up on our way to drop his sister off at school.  This is an almost every time occurrence, good thing I only take her once a week!  What made it different this time around was that after washing his car seat and letting it dry, he decided to hide the buckle and fill my day with unnecessary stress. How was I to pick up his sister from school and make it to a doctors appointment with no seatbelt?

4. The girls woodland themed room is starting to come together a bit...I am sooo excited!  Perhaps this should have been my room theme.  For some reason I'm thinking I love it more than they do.

5.  Where does time go?  If only I could clean my house, keep up with laundry, pay bills, teach three kidlets, make meals, and run a business, then I could think about spending time to get myself ready!  Oh priorities...make-up and hair can wait, I've got much better things to do  :)

6.  We had a lovely night reading books together.  I read to my son, while papa reads to his girls.  This time my babes cuddled up in my bed as I read to all of them at once.  We left off with Symphony reading us the last two stories, which we all fell asleep with.  I say we do that more often ♥

7.  We have been enjoying our green smoothies...well kind of.  The girls insist they don't like them before trying them because they have spinach in them.  In time, they will be just as addicted to them as their mama is.

8. The birds are chirping and the sun is out, which means Summer is around the corner and we're ready to play in the water!  I think we miss the Spring season out here in California.

9.  My backyard has become ferocious once again with weeds.  At least they're not taller than me, and that I enjoy the therapy of pulling weeds.  Oh ya, I have three little ones to help with my "therapy", ha ha!

10. My youngest daughter realized there was no toilet paper while she was going to the bathroom.  So did she ask for someone to get her some? Why of course not, curtains are a much quicker fix to the need at hand....uh huh, curtains!!!



Holland said...

curtains :(

Susie said...

I'm so glad you joined in on Ten on Tuesday! ANd... can't wait to see your girls' room... yea!

Susie said...

Yea for Ten on Tuesday!! So glad you joined in... and I can't WAIT to see your girls' renovated room- woot!