Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

We had a lot of green going on today, and it was fun!  I don't ever remember being so excited to wear green, or have St. Patrick's Day arrive.  My girls were dressed immediately rockin' their green (check out Bella's vintage dress...oh my!), and were quick to find me a shirt  :)

They were served green eggs with green milk to drink, and mama sat back with her yummy green smoothie (I've become addicted!).  During one of our breaks from school we made Lucky Charm treats (same as Rice Krispy Treats, just switched out the cereal), we crafted a fun little handprint Leprechaun, and then watched Veggie Tales.  It's so much fun to have little ones and share their excitement and joy in the littlest things.


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Holland said...

So cute! Bella looks like a collectable doll. It looks like a fun day.