Monday, January 3, 2011


In an attempt to be able to look back at our year and time together as a family, I am going to try my best to post a picture and a few thoughts of some memory of our week.  Hopefully I will capture all 52 in some fashion or other!

This week we set out to our local nature center and the kids had an absolute blast.  It was the perfect day, and we were blessed with fun things to do at the nature center.  I thought we would go out and feed the ducks, and look around at the displays they had inside, and then call it a day.  Much to my surprise, we ended up having a blast!  The nature center loans out backpacks with either an insect theme, or a bird theme, fun, right?  Inside the back packs were many cool things for the kids to do.  We checked out one of each, and the kids had many activities to do.  They had binoculars to bird watch, themed rubbing plates with crayons and paper, origami paper and instructions to make different types of birds and flowers, containers to hold bugs with magnifiers inside, sun photo paper to take a "picture" of an object, a leaf press, and so many other neat things that kept us occupied.  Once we were finished with our nature walk and hanging out together, we fed the ducks and left with anticipation to return immediately (well my kids did..I was tired).


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