Monday, March 7, 2011


And so, I thought I could quickly trim those long bangs that kept covering her eyes... too bad she decided to move right at the last cut and make me cut a good half inch higher than the rest of her bangs.  I thought about keeping it this way and letting her keep her hair this way as if it were intentional, but I couldn't do it.  We spent our day at the park and hanging out with papa and when he left for work, we left for the salon.

Oh, so much better!  She has short bangs and a cute little a-line bob now.  She's got a cute little French look going on now, and she loves it even more than the first day I cut her hair. 
Ok, so I couldn't pass this one up.  I totally screwed up dinner, and had to throw it away and serve cereal.. NEVER has this happened, and the kids were thrilled that they got to eat Lucky Charms for dinner!  I should have gone to my trusty ol' Google when I didn't know if cilantro "stemmed" meant with the stem or without the stem.  Let me tell you, stemmed means WITHOUT the stem...just in case you were wondering.

So, as I was cleaning up my horrid outcome of Avocado Tortilla soup, my son decided it was much more soothing on his stomach to play with his food than eat it!

I guess he thought his eyelashes, face, and hair also needed to be soothed....I just had to thank God for all the humor I had that night!

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