Thursday, October 7, 2010

Time for some change...

So, since I've been on the subject of growing up, it's time for a little change.  A few months ago, Symphony finally asked me when we were going to paint her room.  It's a been a light green on the top half of the room and a pale yellow on the bottom (reverse that!  I just looked in the room and it's the opposite way around).  Anyhow, I have had this little debate going on in my head in allowing her to pick a theme for her room.  Do I want to see Hannah Montana or the Jonas Brothers?  Um, no, not at all.  I've thought about a trendy little punk princess room and I'm not too sold on it.  So, for the past few months I have been collecting some ideas of this room I want to make them.

My perfect idea of a room for them would be a little escape of a woodland forest.  It seems perfect, a perfect little place to relax and read about adventures in exploring, and a nice soft place to lay their heads down at night and drift off to sleep with thoughts of fireflies, butterflies, and gnomes.  I kid you not, I spent  THREE hours last night trying to find this perfect set up of a "fort like" bed and draped lights that I knew I saved a while back...I searched, and searched, changed my wording, and searched, and finally found it!

Needless to say, this will call for a whole revamp of their room and the space we have to work with.  I will need to call in the help of my super organized friend Jen to weed through all the stuff these kids have.  More than likely there will be no more toys, perhaps only a very select few special ones that can fit in one particular area.  I've always wanted to do the whole handmade toy thing, and I think it's perfect to start that now.  My friend Ruby over at Cakies does this with her little ones, and I just LOVE the idea of this.  Oh, I can't wait to at least be a little sane when it comes to their room.

Here are a few thoughts and ideas of what I have in I need to really sit down and figure out how to portray it in a small space (since the sisters share a room).   

 (this is THE "fort like" bed I LOVE!)
 (a white duvet will do for now, but I'd really love to make them each their own quilt like this, or buy them a vintage quilt...kind of like a picnic in the forest)
 (some cute little ideas-I've got so very many more in my mind, and saved on my computer)
 (I love these, and the punch that the color scheme brings along with it)
 (more splashes of color, but I LOVE the bunting... it will definitely be a piece in their room)
 (these little crates are way too cute!  I need to make my way to the Rose Bowl Flea Market again!)
 (some owls to remind them of their Papa...he loves owls)
 (hmmm...I originally was going to make a bird themed room, so I need to see how I want to tie these in, or if I still want to tie them in at all)
 (some more ideas of color and this is the palette I want to work with)
 (these lights are so perfect!)
(I thought this would be a great idea to hang pictures of loved ones without having to put up frames. They can always be updated quickly...nice!)
(oh my goodness...if we ever get wood floors in their room, this would be over the top!)



Holland said...

That room would be adorable. I'm in! When can we get started? I will keep my eyes open for odds and ends that would be perfect for the room. I also love the hand made toys idea.

Susie said...

I have those hanging ball things saved for my girls' room, too- I love all of these ideas, Becky- good luck in the decision making process :)

Becky said...

Jen...I have been in a de-cluttering mode these past few days in hopes of clearing out their room. I read about this mother who dwindled her kids toys down to 5 toys each...hmmmm, sound awesome to me! I'm going to send these girls away for a couple Saturdays so that I can get started, seeing that when I left them to it, they only got rid of very few items :)

I want it painted and ready to go so we can set it up on Christmas Day for them. The beds that is :) The rest of the room will continue to be a work in progress for a couple of months.