Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Oh to be alone...

my goodness, I really haven't experienced this feeling in who knows how long.  Our life is full and I have no complaints, with the exception that I wish there were another few more hours in each day.  We have three little bambinos that easily can pack out our schedule.  Shoot, with Symphony alone we had 4 out of 7 days a week packed with practices or games for a 4 month streak...I can't imagine how it will be when all three are signed up in their own activity that interests them.  Needless to say, aside from practices, games, taking care of the house, occasional visits with family or friends, and just the everyday business of life, Dom and I have not spent alone time together for a VERY long time.  We have a running joke that the only time we go on a date is when we (our hypochondriac selves) are sitting in Urgent Care (our home away from home) or the ER for a good long evening.  It's always easier to get a sitter when you think there's a major medical problem at hand, I'm being sarcastic!

Our first little glimpse of this alone time was last Monday when my mother-in-law was here.  We put the baby to sleep and Symphony and Bella stayed here with their grandmother while we quickly ran to the store just to pick up milk or something like that.  Those few little minutes were refreshing to actually hold hands and walk together, without having little hands holding each others open hand, and a baby to push in a cart.  We were able to look up and enjoy the stars for a few seconds, roam the grocery store isles, and just talk a bit.  A few days later my mom took the kids, ALL THREE OF THEM, had a sleep over and a play day the following day with them.  Dom and I grabbed a coffee and it was a date!  Gosh, who knows the last time we had one of those  :)  We enjoyed a quiet house, although I missed my kids terribly, and just being able to be alone and hang out alone together.  The next day was filled with some phone calls, picking up, and time out for me....aaahhh, I totally don't remember what that's like.  I sat and watched a movie, kicked up my feet, and enjoyed a day of rest.

It's crazy how consumed we have become in having our little ones, and all the time we spend with them. Each one of them has there needs and desires to fulfill, but for far too long we haven't spent time with each other, alone...no kids.  It would be lovely to have date night once a week, but with little ones, it really isn't going to happen, and I am totally content with spending little brief moments like this with my hubby.  To be able to hold his hand and walk, and talk to him alone, and as my mom says "to see what color his eyes are"    ;)

We are blessed beyond measure, and I am grateful for these moments we shared together!

p.s.  Here I sit with my little babe asleep in his room, and the girls at their Nana's house since Sunday!  I'm being reminded of how easy, yet how hard it was to have my first little one...oh time, where have you gone?



Anonymous said...

My offer to take your adorable children for the day is still, and will always be, on the table. Heck I am even happy to take the day off work to do it, since weekends are your family time with Dom.

Holland said...

I'm so HAPPY you had that time together. You will really need to make it fit in your crazy schedule. We are always available :0) We can even trade off weeks with your mom if every Wed. isn't going to work for her. This time period with little ones is soooo difficult. It does get easier, a crazier schedule but a little easier to find the alone time. I'm glad this week has gone well for you and to top it off you have 2 book cases. WOW! What else was on your wish list? :0)