Thursday, February 18, 2010


It's crazy that over 20 years is considered vintage.This is the coat that Tia Susie wore when she was around Symphony's age. Symphony definitely rocks the vintage look ♥

Symphony says she's she's "all about fashion and style". Aye ya yay, this sweet girl makes me laugh. I can't believe how quickly that tiny first baby of mine has grown. I was just hugging her today and asking where the time went. It seems as though just yesterday I held her little body up to mine with the palm of my hand, and now she's over half my height. She's getting older and wiser. She's constantly telling me "you should put that on your Etsy mom", meaning my blog, ha ha ha. She is full of questions and intrigue, loves to tell such silly little jokes and riddles, and is going into full bloom in front of my eyes. I love my little girl and all that she has grown to be thus far. Of course I want her to stay little forever, but I am just in love with what God has blessed me with and look forward to the rest of her life in being her mama.


Anonymous said...

She looks breath-taking! She is such a joy and you are right, where did the time go!?

Tia Susie

mrs.deane said...

She is beautiful, Becky.

I was just watching the video from when we were over at your house and she - such a tiny little thing - was learning to climb up the stairs for the very first time. We were all so excited about it.

Little Jonathan is only a head shorter than me now, and he'll be TEN YEARS OLD this August. Such a bitter sweet thing it is to watch them grow, isn't it?

Hugs to you, Susan