Sunday, May 31, 2009


Please tell me why I have to wake up to explosive poop  from baby Dominique every day?  Doesn't he know I don't enjoy cleaning it off his back and clothes, not to mention the baths, and clean sheets... every day!

I guess his killer smile, sweet hugs, and baby kisses make up for it!  Oh, how I love him!


Alessandra said...

omg becky i went through the same thing with ava!! i thought it would NEVER end with taking her crib apart every single morning!!! it eventually did stop though... although we do have the occasional accident!! Lol

Becky said...

it's so disgusting, and I know it will pass in time, but I want it ti happen NOW! ;)

mrs.deane said...

When this was happening with Andrew and Eleanor, I found that putting them in bigger diapers (just at night/before the usual explosion time) time helped to keep the craziness inside. Try it. Hopefully it will work for you, too. :O)

Love, Susan

Jen said...

I'm with susan...when that happened with the girls I moved them up a worked for me, most of the time! :0)