Saturday, May 30, 2009


To celebrate the end of Kindergarten with Symphony, and a much needed break from school, we went to see Up!  Well, attempted to.

We arrived 5 minutes prior to the starting time and it was packed!   I mean come on, what would you expect for a children's 3D movie on it's second day out, during a matinee time?  We had tia Krysten grace us with her presence in hopes that she could see it with us, but to no avail.

We decided to get the next showing and arrive 30 minutes before, as the manager suggested.  Off to pizza it was.  We ate and hung out with tia, and said our goodbyes as she left to work.  We walk into the theater and it was packed!  It would have been nice of the manager to let us know that people line up where it is roped off to get into the theater 30 minutes early!  grrr.....

Needless to say, we exchanged our tickets and waited for the next showing... third time's a charm right?  After 2 1/2 hours of waiting we got in, yay!  

Not so yay!  My kiddies are super sick with colds, and did I mention we toted the baby along? We sat down in our perfect seats and it began (not the movie!):
  • got Bellie her little booster seat situated
  • I took the girls potty
  • I stopped off and bought some "corn" (this man kept calling popcorn "corn", driving me nuts!) 
  • Bellie chose Red Vines (do not give these to congested kids!)
  • Symph wanted Junior Mints (great choice!)
  • back into the movie and it's starting
I hear Bella choking, and yep, she's got a Red Vine stuck in her airway.  I couldn't rely on Dom's help since he had the baby, so I had to swoop it out of her throat with my finger... scary!  Now how do I take her candy away that she's been talking about since we left the house?  We let her have one more vine and that was it!  Apparently phlegm and Red Vines don't work.

As the movie is playing my kids are coughing, the baby is fussing, and Bella is determined to leave.  Not so fun!  I get up and walk to the hall to comfort my baby and Bella runs over and hangs out stating that she wants to leave, over and over and over and over again!  She tries her next ploy of having to go potty.  I take the baby to Dom, take Bella to the potty, and not a single drop!  Yes, I am more than mad at this point.  We return to the theater, I switch off with Dom so that I can watch a part of the movie, and he can take care of the baby.  About 10 minutes later Bella has to go potty again!  I told her that if she didn't go this time she would be in lots of trouble, thank God she went  ;)   We returned, Dom got the baby to sleep, and we watched the last 15 minutes together as a family. 

This is exactly why we don't do movies and wait for them to come out on DVD or pay per view!  A great lesson learned for me... wait til the movie can be viewed in my own home!

I do have to say that I really did enjoy the movie, aside from all the distractions, and that Symphony had a blast and was oblivious to it all.  As long as she enjoyed her celebration I am perfectly fine with all the chaos!

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Jen said...

Ha ha ha .... I feel for you! Watching at home is the only way to go without taking one adult per child rule. Maybe we can hit the cheapy kids movies through the summer and the girls and I can help out with the little ones.

YEAH SYMPH! Congrats on finishing your first school year. I hope you have a blast in first grade!