Monday, January 12, 2009


Although I am still trying to take it easy from my episode that landed me a nice 1 week stay in the hospital, I am still recovering from who knows what.  Monday through Thursday I had doctors appointments scheduled each day, and my weekly blood draw on Saturday.  Nice, 5 out of 7 days dealing with medical stuff!  Anyways, I had an infection (which we recently spent 6 hours in the waiting room of ER to be seen one night) that led to another infection that just wiped me out.  Two weeks of infections, and the antibiotics weren't doing their job.  My latest infection had me out for the count, and walking around didn't seem very appealing.  It was so terrible that I was given a jump start injection of an antibiotic prior to taking a new antibiotic...ya, strong stuff (the spot that I got the shot is still hurting).

My family came over and spoiled me, again, and made dinner and brought my favorite cake.My mom made sure I didn't get up once and served me all night long so that I could try and get the rest my body needed.  The following day we had them for company again and were served up a quick, yet tasty dinner and I enjoyed their company  :)

I am so thankful that we have family who cares so much about myself and my recovery and who have been so helpful and understanding.  We've only left the house to visit three times since we've had the baby (twice to my in-laws and once to my parent's house), so please don't get offended and think we're avoiding you  :)  we're just trying to get me well and back to 100%.

Thank you guys for always coming out to me to help while I am trying to recover!  You all mean the world to!

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Hollands said...

Good! Finally someone forces you to rest..(YEAH MOM)I've tried but I am not as effective. I'm happy that she was the boss this weekend and that you were able to rest! Now just continue in that mode.....