Friday, January 30, 2009


Today was the little babe's two month check-up, which meant a bunch of shots.  I am not emotionally strong enough to hold my little ones down, for their first shots, knowing that they are going to experience a pain that they haven't experienced before.  This is why my sweet hubby is so good at being at important appointments like these.  Not only was it the little one's appointment, but Symph also had to have her big girl 5 year check up.

It was perfect timing when Bella quickly said she had to go potty and so we left together.  When we returned, Symph was crying and starting to become a bit out of control, so I knew the news had to have been given about a vaccine.  I asked her what was wrong and that was the end, she cried and cried, and cried and cried.  Those few minutes of the routine check by their doctor were horrible because Symph just continued on.  The baby did well with his shots, obviously he cried, but dear Lord.....Symphony showed us the power of her lungs and vocal chords.  Her screm was piercing, and it was so much worse when Dom had to hold her down.  She was injected with the shot and my oh my did the drama continue.  I thought she was surely going to pass out from hyperventilating, or throw up.  I had no more patience by this time, so Dom had to go through whole take a big, deep breath drill with her.  I reminded Dom how important it was for him to be at these appointments   :)  I failed to mention that Symph's screaming freaked Bella out and started her little tears going, and made the baby cry before he was even given the shot....sheesh!

Symph was promised a toy (we've come to love the 99 Cent Store, Dollar Tree, and Viva Bargain!) and a dinner at an actual restaurant for her bravery (huh?).  We ate at Poncho Villas (our first dining out experience as a family of 5), and then Dom took the girls for their dollar toy.


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foldreformer said...

I have a great children's book that you might be interested in borrowing. It's on Louis Pasteur, the man who invented the rabies vaccine, the first vaccine. It explains how a vaccine works to little kids. It's called The Value of Believing in Yourself, it was one of my favorites when I was a kid. Anyway, we read it to Faith when she's up for shots and understanding helps her be brave. That doesn't mean there isn't crying, but it's not traumatic. Anyway. I'll show it to you next time I see you.