Monday, January 5, 2009

Out with the old, in with the New...

and I'm not talking about year!  My girls have been overloaded with toys before they were even born.  My house seemed to be a walking toy box, and it was definitely not fun during clean up.  All I got was constant complaining and headaches over who took out what and who was playing with this or that. 

My super organized, everything has a place and there's a place for everything friend Jen came over and did a bit of "housecleaning" for my, me.  As we sat on the floor going though the toys I asked her what happened to the good ol' days where kids had a doll, a ball, a jump rope, and maybe a few other special toys.  My girls had boxes of toys downstairs, 16 totes (yes, 16!) of toys up on top of their closet, and many toys laying around on the floor in their room, and probably every room in the house.  Jen and I (mostly Jen) filled bags to donate and ended up with much less clutter, and even fewer toys!  The girls have a little "clubhouse" (my downstairs closet) with a dress up box, parking for their indoor toddler bike and scooter, and a few other little things for them to play with.   The boxes that had toys downstairs are now items for school time, and their totes upstairs have been reduced to six totes.  

What a relief for me!  I cannot handle keeping everything from who knows when because it might be used for something who knows when.  Good thing Dom was watching movies with Jason and didn't see half of the things we got rid of.  Sometimes it's just good to purge!

Jen and I will have many more of these organizing days because God knows how badly they're needed in my house.  Not only do I benefit from this, but in some strange way Jen does too because it has some relaxing effect on her...huh?  Not me!

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Susan said...

YEA BECKY!!! Ha. I just saw a Simpson's episode that would make you laugh. It is always easiest to "clean things out" when you're the only one home... I wanted to get rid of so much when we were moving and my husband kept saying things like, "Why do you want to get rid of that? We're not paying to move it. Just keep it." Jenn and I are kindred spirits when it comes to her love of purging and organizing :O) I totally understand the calming effect it all has on her. There's almost nothing more satisfying than an organized closet. Enjoy your new found space!