Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Lovely One Indeed!

Another year of life to walk this earth and be blessed abundantly! I am so thankful that God has blessed me with not only another day, but another year of life and His abundant grace towards me. I am so content with all that I have and know that I deserve none of it, but because He loves me so much, He has showered me with all that my heart holds dear.

My morning started off with loving little cuddles with my Bella, which is one of the best gifts ever from a little one! Next was a sweet note from the hubby, written where all our important messages go...the bathroom mirror, ha!
I went downstairs and there was Symph watching her little morning cartoons, while my sister was knocked out on the couch. I made them their little breakfast and decided I wouldn't do a thing today since it was my day...that lasted a couple of hours! My sister woke up and wished me a Happy Birthday and immediately my girls were excited that it was my birthday and began singing to me. Bella had to remind me that I needed a candle :)
About an hour or so later there was a knock at my door with flowers from my brother and Jess, and so the day was just getting better.
I decided to catch up on my shows, and after getting through my recordings of Army Wives, and reading a couple of books to the girls, I took a quick nap and my day began. I took a quick shower, did my hair, and waited for the hubby to come home and take us out for my birthday dinner....all you can eat sushi...mmmmmm! We had a great time together and then dropped my sister off with Jess, and headed home to enjoy a few minutes outside as Symph showed her birthday gift to me. She can ride her bike by herself with training wheels! Not that she didn't know how to before, but it was my "gift", she's so sweet! Later my neighbor pulled up and brought out a beautiful bouquet of flowers, the perfect bouquet filled with lots of color and awesome smelling snap dragons! My hubby was so irritated that I hadn't received them earlier, but they were definitely worth the wait. The card was an excellent addition to my day!I couldn't ask for any other gift but to be with my family and to be given so much love! I do however get another day to celebrate my birthday! This Sunday we are going to the beach to hang out as a family, we'll then hit the candy store, and be off to Ruby's for some yummy food!

Thank you all for your emails, phone calls, and cards to wish me a Happy Birthday!

oooh, I also had some time for one of my favorite things to! I made a little apron!

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Rubyellen said...

Becky!!! Oh my gosh... happy birthday!!! May God continue to grow you and your family towards him with each new year. I praise God for you!