Friday, June 20, 2008

Baby Brother...

We had a fun time as we sat in the ultrasound room trying to determine the gender of our baby. Bella played "peek a boo" with the baby and Symph just giggled as she saw the life that mama had in her tummy up on the screen. Once it was all said and done that the guess of a boy was 90% sure Symph made it known that she had told us from the beginning. She always referred to the baby as "Baby brother" and I had to constantly remind her that God may have blessed us with a little sister and not a baby brother.

Tonight she said "mama, I told you, God blessed us with a baby brother in your tummy".

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Table for Two said...

I love that God talks to Symphony so clearly. I also love that she isn't afraid to say, "I told you so!" =)

Tia Susie