Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I have struggled with Symph over learning her ABC's, and having her learn how to write each letter. My patience is little when it comes to her whining and complaining, and so I usually throw in the towel and allow her to walk away and play with her Leapster instead. Symph rather draw than do her letters, and change the subject and so on, so as I have said, my patience has withered in this area.

Today I decided to go through our "Preschool" toy box and take a look at the many books I have accumulated over the years in hopes of this joyous time in teaching Symph. Really, how hard can it be? Obviously much harder than my mind could imagine at the time. I was given some incentive as I thought back about ow my kids would not be put through the public school system with all the propaganda and tolerance they want to push, and so I continued to look through all that had been collected and neglected. I ran across some reward charts and tons of stickers, and a dry erase place mat. How fun is that for a little one? So, before Symph woke up that morning I had already gotten my mind set and I was going to start teaching her how to write her ABC's. (Prior to this I put a reward chart in the bathroom for Bella and she had already earned two stickers prior to Symph's awakening from her sweet dreams). I made a big deal about this cool place mat I found and how fun it was to be able to try and erase as much as she would like, and Symph was buying it. She loved the reward chart idea, and so we are set. She knows that she has to complete three activities a day to earn a sticker, and one of the activities is her ABC's both in uppercase and lowercase. Here are some pictures, not bad for her first attempt at it all at once! Guess what, there was no whining and she was done within minutes! I know there's lots of room for improvement, but hey, after all the attempts I've had at getting her to do this, this looks awesome!


Hollands said...

Good for YOU! I'm so happy to see you tried again. Don't give up. Take it slow and make it fun.

foldreformer said...

You are inspiring me to start working on this with Faith again. Great idea about the reward system with stickers and a chart and all. I have all this stuff, I guess I need to start using it!