Sunday, May 4, 2008

A Sunday at the Trout Pools

Symph has been on a kick to go fishing for almost a year now, since she found this Barbie fishing pole she just had to have over at WalMart. Of course we bought her the pole, but did we take her out yet? No, Dom and I always talk about it, but still haven't made the time to do so.

Well, today was the day! My dad called yesterday and wanted to relieve me of the girls while I worked on my overflowing orders, but their tio and tia already beat him to it. The girls were having fun at Caleb's birthday party...thank you tia and tio! So, my dad asked if he could take them the following day, and it was a date! We even got to go!
We all piled into Navigator and off we went! I blew the surprise by talking on the phone and asking tia Jessica if she was going to go fishing with us, and Symph was now unstoppable in her questions about fishing. We arrived at our destination and were guaranteed to catch a fish! Actually there were two little ponds stocked with fish and you couldn't throw them back in, and had to pay by their length.
Needless to say, we caught lots of fish. Symph was so cute with her fist fish, reeling it in, bringing it up and just giggling away. That is, until she realized they die. She would go and pout about it and come back and fish, and on and on it went. Grandpo would call her back and she would come and catch them, and again walk away saddened, times five She made it clear she wouldn't eat the fish!Bella was scared after the first fish was caught because it jumped off the hook and flopped all around. She decided she would stay in the safety of her tia's arms and watch from a distance, while eating the tostada shells for the ceviche. Oh ya, what Mexican goes fishing without ceviche? Mike and Jess were an awesome fishing team. He would bait the hook, throw it out, Jess would be ecstatic because she caught a fish and would reel it in, and Mike would then take the fish off and put it in the bucket. Hey, why would a princess want it any other way? I thouhgt it was pretty cool that Mike could do all this while eating ceviche at the same time. Talent I tell ya!
After catching some very expensive fish, that my dad paid for, we headed on over to my brother's house to have a great meal. My dad cooked up the fish and it was so delicious (coming from a pregnant woman who can't stand meat...I was starving!). He seasoned them and wrapped most of them in foil as my brother bbq-d them, and a few were egged up and thrown into flour and seasoning. Mmmmmmmmm, yum! Symph ate it too!

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Fishing how fun!