Sunday, April 20, 2008

The final beam

Living Word AOG is expanding and needing to add on to what they have been blessed with. Although we attend a different church, Living Word will always be very dear to our hearts.

My dad got to plan the whole ceremony of the lowering of the last beam of their newest addition, and I have to say he did a wonderful job. It was so well thought out and involved all the congregation, even a song from the little ones who will one day be the leaders of this church.

The last beam was balanced on top of two beams of wood, and the steel beam had an American Flag fastened to it, as well as a pine tree. The steel beam was painted white with Living Word painted in red, bold lettering. Each person there was given the opportunity to sign the beam prior to raising it and setting it atop the building and welding it down. We were all able to witness the last beam being added, then invited to stay after for lunch. The lunch was held inside the building that was still being constructed, and the fellowship was nice. On the lunch menu was steak, hot dogs, potato salad, corn, beans, and rolls, and a sweet little dessert, pretty good for the huge crowd they had!

Dad, you did a wonderful job with this, and your creativity made it very special!

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