Sunday, March 2, 2008

Why You Talkin' "Shi" About My Mom?

So, I have to begin by saying that I had a funny situation happen this week that totally threw me off. As I picked up the girls from Dom's parent's house on Wednesday this little girl felt the need to confront me. As I backed away from buckling Bella in I saw this little girl somewhat trying to be face to face with me. I thought it was odd and thought perhaps she was getting a glimpse of my girls. Boy was I wrong. She asked me why I was talking "shi" about her mom. I said excuse me (laughing inside thinking that this little girl was not saying what I thought she was), and again she said "why you talking "shi" about my mom?" I said "Honey, I don't understand you" not because I didn't understand, but because I had to hear it one more time and see the attitude behind this "tough" girl who couldn't even pronounce the word. I wanted to just burst out in laughter! She continued to follow me and tried to get in my face, asking my age and silly nonsense of that sort. I told her that I didn't know who she was and vice versa. Apparently I do know her mother because the person talking smack about her mama drives a small black car...ha! There were three small black cars in the same area as me, so I was the winner of an unnecessary confrontation. So I get into my car and she continues her nonsense as I try to convince Dom's parents to go inside. This little girl had way too much attitude for her 11 year old self, and a dirty potty mouth. The girl wouldn't leave and wanted me to know that her mother would kick the you know what out of me, and that she had friends older than my in-laws and they would kick it out of them too. Our confrontation finally ended up with her threatening to follow my in-laws into the house, as I threatened to call the police on her little butt. She left on her scooter screaming for her mommy.

So, I have told this story to a few people not thinking anything of it until today. We were hanging out celebrating Krysten's birthday when Symph turned and said she was going to "kick the "shi" out" of someone there. We died laughing and had her repeat it to my dad for one last belly laugh. We did explain to her that this isn't an acceptable word for a little girl to say, although it was something I wish I had on camera.

Little ears are listening, be careful what you say!

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