Sunday, March 30, 2008

Repairs, gardening, and "I CAN READ"

It was a nice little day, to come home to after church. Dom has my dad's truck to repair and get back on the road, and Symph was right there to learn all about repairing the head. Dom had to leave to get some parts for the truck, and I had the job of being on the lookout for any thieves who would want to steal his tools, or the head from the garage. So, Symph and I planted some Spring mix flowers in the front yard until he returned.
It took a bit longer than I anticipated, and the weather was a bit chilly, so I decided we could sit out and read books until he returned. We started with the learn to read books and she did so great. The words are all repetitive, and so she caught on, but I know it is a great thing for her. I praised her and encouraged her for the great job she did, as she "read" them all alone.

Papa returned and she let him know "I CAN READ!" She read the book to him and he was so very proud, while he chuckled inside. After she read to him, they worked on the truck together. She learned the difference between the different hammers papa has in his garage, and also played a bit while he worked. You can have lots of fun with grease!

Here's a shot of Papa and Symph's work table.

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Hollands said...

Speaking of "I can read" are you interested in a box of books. I have about 20 Dr. Suess books (great condition) and I also have the sing, spell, read & write program that I used to teach the girls how to read.