Monday, March 17, 2008

All in a day...

Dom got a steal on a car he has always wanted to fix up. So, along with two stylish Vespa's, and a 1930's truck of some sort (I'm a girl and not completely into this whole rat rod thing), Dom has added a Shoebox Ford. I will follow along with his dreams of having these Sunday afternoon cars, and the thoughts of a son helping him fix them up to be just that!

With that, Dom left for a very long road trip with our great friends, the Gesselmen Family. The trip was supposed to take approximately 12 hours up and 12 back down, but it ended up being a bit more than that, and we are so very happy to have our papa home.

Aguiar girls and the Gesselman boysPapa and Symph right before he left

While he was gone, I had a very tight schedule, which worked out perfectly because the time Dom was gone was only noticeable to Symph and Bella at night when it was time to go to sleep.

We started off our Saturday with a Easter celebration put on by Living Word. The girls had a fun time playing at the park, searching for an egg with a "Golden Ticket", and having Free Play.
Eggies, eggies, and more eggies!
Free Play at the park!

After this was over I went to get Symph some much needed clothes for that stretching body of hers! We had some fun at Old Navy, and then headed off to Target. Both places are loved, not only by me, but by the girls too!

We then headed off to La Verne for a very fun 3rd birthday party for Isaac at My Gym, where Symph and Bella had a blast. Symph had her first experience with a zip line and couldn't get enough!

I bundled the girls up, and got them into the car and we were off to celebrate Simon's 30th birthday at Pacific Cafe. On our way we saw one of the brightest rainbows that I have ever seen. I told Symph that this was such a special sight to see and she told me she knew Jesus made it for her. She turned around and asked me "who colored it in?" and I told her Jesus did and she was so happy that Jesus had done this for her. Sometimes she just melts my heart!
Look at how bright and how wide it was!
So, to sushi, rice, edamame, salad, and salmon! The girls enjoyed their time with their tios and baby Isaac, and we were off once again! That's right, I needed to go pick up my sister to stay the night with us so that Symph and Bella didn't notice their papa's absence.

They were such troopers all day long, as we basically lived out of our car in between stops. Thank God for all the patience and stamina He gave me on that day, and such wonderfully patient and flexible little girls!

"We love our papa and don't want him to leave like this again" is what Symph said in the car today. He's very special to us and it's definitely not the same without him around. Thank God for keeping them safe on their way up and back home.

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Rubyellen said...

Man! You guys were busy!!! After this saturday, let's have playdate again!!!