Monday, March 10, 2008

"I need to talk to you about disneyland"

Her first spoken words of the morning were "when is Tia Jessica picking me up for Disneyland? " I told Symphony that she would be picked up by her tia later in the day after her papa came home from work. Her little mind was going and felt the need to call her tia at that moment. She called her cell phone and went straight to voicemail. She left the cutest little message, although it toolk several attempts, telling her tia "I need to talk to you about Disneyland".

Needless to say she was picked up soon after and enjoyed a fun evening of sugar, sugar, Splash Mountain x 2 + new clothes, sugar, a few bites of a turkey leg, a corn dog, sugar, chocolate milk, sugar, a baby Minnie with a blanket, and a little cat with a blanket for her sister, and did I mention some sugar?

I'm sure she had a blast...until she realized her princess book was left behind! Good ol' Disneyland times with her tios! You guys are the best! Thank you for loving our girls so very much!

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Jessica said...

We had lots and lots of fun !! and hey you forgot to mention SUGAR, maybe thats why she had a tummy ache in the morning :)