Monday, March 31, 2008

Glass slippers

So, I have been cleaning out the old clothes of the girls to replace with the new, and figured I should do the same with my own. As I was fixing my shoes in my closet and getting rid of the old ones, I finally decided to part with the wedding shoes. I told Symph, "Look, these were the shoes mama wore when she got married." Her little face was puzzled and she said "No they're not, you wear glass slippers when you get married." I guess my white silver striped Adidas didn't cut the glass slipper mold.

Oh, how I love her little imagination and the process of her thoughts.


Susan said...

my, oh my! you have been a busy blogging bee lately! i love the updates :O)
love, susan

Cakies said...

wait? you wore adidas at your wedding... now i want to hear that story!

Anonymous said...

I am so cheesey...I actually wore glass slippers at my wedding. Well, not real glass, of course, but they did look like glass slippers. Symphony is welcome to borrow them for her wedding, when she's 40! =)

You are so right about her thought process; the associations she is able to make are very advanced for her age!

Tia Susie